1. What is Foody?

    Foody is an easy to use, ad-free platform where you can purchase recipes from your favorite creators and or restaurants, find new recipes, and get inspired to cook. As a creator, it is a platform where you can get paid for your recipes and content.

  2. How can I get started on Foody as a creator?

    You can get started by signing up at and selecting a Creator account. You will need a debit card to connect with Stripe (so you can get paid!) and your social security number.

  3. Can I be both a creator and a user?

    Yes! With your creator account, you can purchase recipes from other creators, organize and like recipes, and all of the other features within a Foody / user account.

  4. Do I need to connect to stripe immediately?

    In order finish creating an account and begin posting content, you will need to enter in your bank / debit card information and complete the stripe registration. Stripe is a 3rd party tool that will directly pay you from your earning. You will not be charged from this account.

  5. What if I'm encountering issues and need help signing up as a creator?

    Please email [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


  1. What are the 3 different types of ways to publish a recipe, and what's the difference between them?

    There are free recipes, paid singles, and recipes that will be part of a paid collection. Once you publish a recipe to a category, it cannot be manually changed. Free recipes will always be free, or part of a free collection, and paid singles can only live as stand-alone paid recipes (cannot be part of a collection). If a recipe is part of category of "Paid in Collection," you can use this in multiple collections.

  2. What if there is type of equipment that I need that is not listed?

    Try to find an option that is as similar to what you need. You can also email [email protected] and share what you would like to add, and we will add this to our database.

  3. What if I published a recipe or collection and want to make a modification?

    We currently do have allow users to edit published collections. Please email [email protected] for assistance. For recipes, creators can edit steps, images, and description content. If you would like to change the category (free, paid, paid in collection), please send an email to [email protected].

  4. What if I'm getting an error that my recipe won't publish?

    Please be sure to have an image and at least 1 tag for each recipe, and that there are no additional steps or elements that may have be added in Step 1.


  1. How much of the sale price do I get to keep?
  2. Who pays for credit card processing?
  3. Why does Foody charge 20%? Why don't I get to keep 100%?
  4. Does all the content I post to Foody need to be for sale?
  5. How and how often do I get paid out?
  6. Can I set my own pricing?
  7. If I have a recipe that I've selected as a paid single, can I move this into a paid collection?